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About me

Monika Rossa Wheatley was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1960. From the very young age, she knew she wanted to be an artist. She studied art, but the politically challenging times didn’t let her pursue her career. She had an opportunity to leave Poland one month before martial law was imposed, in 1981.

She went to the art schools in Spain and France, before moving to the United States in 1984.

She exhibited her work in the United States, Europe and Mexico. She also published a few short stories and two children books.

Her paintings are in many private collections.

She lives in Tucson, AZ, where she continues to paint and write.

About my memoir

Bipolar: A Difficult life shows a parent’s love, suffering and overcoming all the possible difficulties in order to help a child. The book is written about Alex, but it applies to all bipolar people. It shows how dangerous bipolar disorder can be. It can lead not only to one’s suicide, but often to the death of others. By telling Alex’s story this memoir shows how difficult the treatment of a bipolar person can be. Often, the parents work against the will of their child and against a system that is supposed to help them. If the diagnosis comes after the eighteenth birthday, the family loses the authority over their child. Let’s say the parents do everything possible to help their child, and still fail. What then? Jail seems unavoidable. It is a terrible thing for a mother to see her child behind bars, jailed for real crimes. Sometimes even a murder.

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